Full length features on YouTube

Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios, better known as MGM, will be the first major movie studio to post full-length feature films on YouTube.

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Festival showcases African cinema in London

Here's a chance to see African cinema right in London. The London African Film Festival brings together 40 great and ground-breaking films as well as ten of the continents’ most exciting filmmakers to discuss their work and the future of African film. Spanning decades and genres, and including rare archival cinema and experimental film, the London African Film Festival introduces new talent emerging from the continent and its diaspora, and celebrates classics by some of Africa’s most renowned filmmakers. All events are supported by screenings at various venues across London. Unmissable.

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New on Kamera: Taboo Breakers

Our regular contributor Calum Waddell has just released a book about films that have broken taboos. Taboo Breaker is out now on Telos Publishing and we have a review right here. A signing do took place in Los Angeles on Saturday 15 and was attended by grindhouse names such as Don Edmonds, Matt Cimber and Jack Hill. Congratulations Calum!

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New on Kamera: Samurai films

Kamera Books is back with yet another gem for film lovers. Roland Thorne's Samurai Films is a complete guide to all things samurai on the big screen and Thorne has told Kamera what to expect from his book. Enjoy it!

A taster of Samurai film: Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo (1961)

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New on Kamera: Roger Corman

Roger Corman epitomises everything that us Kameradas love: an unrelenting independent spirit, humour and amazing visual flair. Optimum recently released a DVD boxset with some previously unpublished Corman fare. Our dynamic duo Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc give us the lowdown on the box. En-joy it!

Roger Corman's 1967 The Trip

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New on Kamera: Monster Movies

Monsters are one of the great cinematic motifs, heavy in symbolism and packed with fun. Australian author and journalist, a self-proclaimed monster expert, tells us all about monsters on the big screen. And we couldn't help but dig some Roger Corman stuff out of YouTube to go with this blog. Corman, besides making some of the most memorable monster movies ever, and one of Ms Westwood's interviewees, is also an icon of independent cinema. And what a voice!

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New on Kamera: Hunger and Caos Calmo

Plenty of good stuff on Kamera this week, namely reviews of Hunger (about an IRA terrorist on hunger strike) and the Nanni Moretti-starred Caos Calmo (Quiet Chaos). Trailers below.


Caos Calmo

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