New on Kamera: 101 Forgotten Films

Kamera Books has an exciting new title out there called 101 Forgotten Films by film critic and 'movie therapist' Brian Mills. The book is a compendium of films that for some reason got lost in the anals of film history and which deserve fresh attention.

One of the films that could not be included in the book, although it had been Mills intention to do so, is Orson Welles's last, unfinished film The Other Side of the Wind, which Peter Bogdanovich is in the process of completing for a late 2008 release (the reason for the non-inclusion). We found a clip of the original film on YouTube and it features Bogdanovich himself plus John Huston. Enjoy!


New on Kamera: Princess

Anime is a strange term, one that means different things to different people and a term that has mutated over the years. Strictly, it simply means animation that has been created in Japan but this has been muddied by the proliferation of outsourcing (much anime is tweened in Korea) and pillorying by tabloid newspapers that equates the term with violent pornography (from a group of films that may well include Urotsukidoji but also Hello Kitty). By now the term basically means either that the animation comes from Japan or it possesses qualities that clearly mark it as separate from mainstream Hollywood, i.e. Disney style, animations. Princess falls into the anime style category, a bewildering mix of cell animation, CGI and live action. As its 18 rating suggests this is absolutely not The Little Mermaid.

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New on Kamera: Documenta Madrid 08

All eyes are on Madrid between o2 and 11 of May when the Spanish capital will be hosting the 2008 edition of the Documenta, a venue dedicated to documentary cinema. Michelangelo Antonioni will be paid tribute at the event


New on Kamera: Independent Cinema

One of the latest titles to have come out on Kamera Books is Independent Cinema, by D. K. Holm, just the perfect kind of subject for a website about, well, independent cinema. So, catch our review of the book here and get inspired.


New on Kamera: [REC]

More Spanish horror at a cinema near you: [REC] is the latest of a batch of low-key, handheld horror that has been arriving at the big screen of late. Check out our review of the film, due out tomorrow.


New on Kamera: Documentaries

We have a new piece on Kamera about an exciting new release on Kamera Books, 'Documentaries...and how to make them, by Andy Glynne. The books offers a comprehensive guide into the world of documentary filmmaking and provides an invaluable source for students and professionals alike.

One of the filmmakers mentioned in the text is the master of the documentary genre Frederick Wiseman. Wiseman's films have traditionally been solely available on film print or VHS copies for educational purposes. However, since December some of his titles have been made available on DVD for the consumer market, further evidence of the growing demand for documentaries. And of course, excerpts of the classic Titicut Follies has surfaced on YouTube over the last week.

New on DVD: Lost Highway

David Lynch's Lost Highway (1997), a favourite among Lynch aficionados, has finally been released on DVD. It is one of Lynch's most surreal and lush films; the soundtrack is also a treat for music lovers, going from Nine Inch Nails to Bossa Nova. Check out Kamera Books' recent title on David Lynch for further information.