Via Now Playing: "As I’ve commented before, there’s a lot of bad independent cinema these days that just sort of floats by hazily, its attempts at courting more overt commerciality ironically rendering it indistinct. Then there’s something like Shadowboxer..."

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Screening: Pasolini´s La Ricotta

Enjoy it...

Short is short

Via Shortfilm.de: "In the early days of cinema, all films were short films. This is a banal acknowledgement and really nothing remarkable as such. But what is interesting is that, after over one hundred years of technical and aesthetic advances, some of the characteristics and criteria that identified short film back then are still valid today: short film is defined by its length. The short form is also a medium for innovation, as versatile as cinema itself. Looking at things from this historical perspective, we can perhaps succeed at circumventing some of the difficulties we face in defining what exactly short film is."

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Underground American cinema

Today on Kamera's screening room are clips of some classics of American Underground chic: Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls and Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising. Plus a documentary on the Velvet Underground. Enjoy it!

Chelsea Girls

Scorpio Rising

Velvet Underground

Richard Linklater: "The Dostoyevsky of movie dialogue"

I'm going through a Richard Linklater phase right now. So here's yet another link to an article on the Texan auteur, penned by Gary Indiana.

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Fans angry at Battle Royale's Hollywood remake

Via the International Herald Tribune: "When Variety reported last month that New Line Cinema had purchased rights to remake the director Kinji Fukasaku's "Battle Royale," the reaction on fan sites and Asian film blogs was, well, heartfelt. "I hate Hollywood," wrote one fan. "Is nothing sacred?" asked another."

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Noting camp

Kamera's contributor Deborah Allison has published this article about camp in relation to George Kuchar's film Hold While I'm Naked. So, like an illustrated lecture, here are a couple of clips from the film to give you folks an idea of what she means.

Interview with Werner Herzog

Via Wired.com: "In Werner Herzog’s films, the main characters tend to be ambitious explorers who find themselves crashing in spectacular failure."

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The indie bandwagon...

World Entertainment News Network wrote on IMDB that "Kevin Spacey has pledged his allegiance to independent movies, despite starring in blockbuster Superman Returns. Spacey is quoted saying: "I'll never be a leading man in the traditional Hollywood sense, I'm a character actor, but as a result of that I think I get a lot more interesting parts."
Memo to Mr Spacey: the independent film scene is very happy to put him on a permanent loan to braindraining Hollywood considering his indie credentials so far, which amount to, well, nil.


Channel 4 warns against new ad rules

Via Buzzle.com: Channel 4's channel could be forced to slash its commitment to showing European cinema because of new advertising rules planned by the European commission, the broadcaster warned today. The commission's new audiovisual media services directive is set to restrict advertising breaks to once every 35 minutes in televised films, news bulletins and children's programmes.

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Parker Posey: she's Super indie

Indie icon Parker Posey (pictured with Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns), who is currently doing a bit of bread-earning in Hollywood's superhero land, gave an interview to New York Magazine about her status as the most hard-working indie-queen. Posey's New York neighbour Chloe Sevigny happened to pass by during the interview... it's the independent world's equivalent of Sex and the City.