Documentary on Jack Smith

Having been a fan of director/performer/artist/writer underground pioneer Jack Smith since I discovered him in 1999 thanks to the now defunct cinema in Hoxton Square, London, I was pleased to find out about Mary Jordan's debut feature on Smith called Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis - those familiar with Smith's work will know what the reference in the title is all about (he was obsessed with Atlantis, The Thousand and One Nights and Maria Montez).

Jack Smith (left) in action

Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis screened at the Tribeca film festival which folded last weekend (7/5; a review of the festival is being uploaded tonight) and hopefully will be arriving in the UK in the near future.

Meanwhile, the film's website contains clips and all sorts of Flash animations. It also gives the uninitiated a good introduction to Smith's legacy.


Anonymous said...

skip it,
the flick is lukewarm,really
I am a big fan of Smith´s and there was somehow some interest, not much, pitty ,it could have been special, simply talking heads and the grey history lesson...

Anonymous said...

This film was truly one of the greatest portraits I have seen in a long time. It was beautiful and very cool. The Seattle screeenings were sold out and people really loved the work. It was done with style. I dug it.