Oliver Stone's World Trade Center

"In his new film, 'World Trade Center,' the director turns the events of 9/11 into an easily digestible myth of American heroism, with an almost happy ending. Huh?"

Anthony Kaufman, Alternet.org

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Uttam Kumar Thangiah said...

Oliver Stone's World Trade Center never rises above the standard of a B Grade television drama. As a story told by survivors, the scenes and ending are ever so predictable. And with 20 survivors rescued from the tragedy, are only the stories of two worthy of being depicted? Above all, the magnitude of horror, sadness and anger that arose from the terrorists attack on the towers, felt not only by Americans but by billions of people across the world, is provenly much too great even for a director like Stone. Perhaps certain things in life are best treated as realities, as a mark of respect and reverence, and not subjected to cheap dramatizations.