Will Write and Direct for Food

Kamera has teamed up with Southbank Publishing to offer its readers the opportunity to purchase for a reduced price Will Write and Direct for Food, by the celebrated director Alan Parker. Known for his acidic wit and uncompromising approach to film making, Parker has often resorted to humour in cartoons, to get his view across. Studio heads, actors and crew, all come under Parker's merciless pen. However, and often to Parker's surprise, the recipient enjoyed the message and framed it. Many of the director's doodles, drawings and sketches adorn the walls of actors, producers, directors and movie executives around the world, often taking pride of place, next to the all-smiling première or award-winning photographs.

This unique collection contains over 200 mini masterpieces from Sir Alan Parker who Will Write and Direct for Food...

"It was always a curiosity to see my vomited scribbles on some studio executive's wall, the very executives they were aimed at. Not that they stay up long. Studio personnel are an itinerant bunch: they come and they go, and I've made 14 films with 14 studio heads. They don't stay long in their jobs, and fade away faster than a Technicolour negative." - Alan Parker

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