Trailer: Silent Light

Carlos Reygadas' follow up to Battle in Heaven (Kamera interviewed Reygadas on occasion), Silent Light is opening in the UK on 7 December. Tartan has put together a nice-looking website for the film, which snatched the Prix Gu Jury at the last Cannes festival.

With his third feature film (the first was Japón, 2002), Reygadas is establishing himself as one of the leading voices in experimental cinema and definitely one to watch out for. He surely is very self-confident and focused on creating an auteurial signature.


Ed said...

Hey there, sorry for posing on a rather unrelated entry but I thought you might be interested in our new film which is being released in the UK next week: 'Cocaine Cowboys'. It's a documentary about the real life drug traffickers of Miami, the people who inspired Miami Vice and the Scarface characters, amongst others. There's a website up at www.cocainecowboys.co.uk, where you can also find a trailer. Any chance you could possibly feature us as a trailer/film on this blog? Thanks very much Kamera, you're a great indie film site.

Lobo Pasolini said...

Hi there, will do, thanks for getting in touch. Antonio, editor.