Tony Tenser RIP

Just heard this sad news from Gil Lane at the Manchester Fest of Fantastic Films. My thoughts go out to his family:

[I]Sadly I am advised that Tony Tenser died on the 5th Dec - we'll be putting something on the website in a day or so.[/I]

Keep an eye on the Manchester Festival of Fantastic Films web site at:


In a long and illustrious career Tenser produced the classic Witchfinder General in 1968 as well as Roman Polanski's masterpiece Repulsion (1965) and later Cul-de-sac (1966).

I, personally, will cherish the memory of sharing the back seat of a car with Tenser as we drove him back to his nursing home in August 2005, shortly after his appearance at that year's festival in Manchester (where he amusingly referred to the then 66 year old Ruggero Deodato as a "young man"). A very frail, but nonetheless enthusiastic and warm, gentleman - Tenser entertained the car with his stories of Brigitte Bardot, Vincent Price and Polanski. There was a real sadness when he said that his 2005 honour would probably be the last one that he would experience.


Calum Waddell


Barnes said...

Hi Calum

I'm Tony's son and next of kin, just to pass on a heartfelt thanks for your kind words. Dad passed away peacefully in his sleep at 11:15pm on December the 5th. It's a difficult time for us all but we're touched by the sentiments and kind words from all that knew him.

He will be very sadly missed by us all.

Thanks Again.

Barnes Tenser

Calum Waddell said...

Thanks Barnes - my thoughts go out to yourself and to your family at this time of year.

All my best

ARBOGAST said...

I'm very sorry to hear this. Growing up, Tony Tenser was just one of those names that promised excitement and even when he didn't deliver I couldn't hold it against him.