Berlin 2008: Brazilian film wins Golden Bear

A Brazilian film accused of being fascist in its home country emerged as the big winner at this year's edition of the Berlin film festival. José Padilha's Elite Squad, a revenge cop thriller set amidst the elite troop of the Rio de Janeiro police, got the Golden Bear for best film. The Grand Jury prize went to Standard Operating Procedure by Errol Morris. The Best Director silver bear went to Paul Thomas Anderson for There Will Be Blood.

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ykabeya said...

Dear Sirs,

The recent Berlin Golden Bear Award 2008 granted to “Tropa de Elite” (Elite Squad) by moviemaker Jose Padilha from Brazil has stirred many controversies due to its violent theme and its social implications.

For anyone not aware of the Brazilian social reality, the conclusions that could be drawn by watching the movie could be completely blurred. Underlying the story there are powerful economic groups and politically motivated subliminal messages that can only be deciphered by the ones in the know.

We invite you to deeper explore the Brazilian social reality at our blog:


We certainly hope that the time spent reading the article at the blog above may be fruitful for you.

Sincerely Yours,

Yugo Kabeya (Political Scientist)

Sergio Machado (Lawyer)

Sao Paulo – Brazil

Lobo Pasolini said...

Thanks for the link. I thought the point made in your text is very clear and accurate. Antonio