Horses and the City

With the opening of Sex and the City, the movie, a romantic vision of the Big Apple is back on the screen, with all the addictive banality of the TV series. But those who know New York City are also aware of a very sad element in the streets of the city: the horse-drawn carriage.

It is quite unbelievable that in 2008 a big, chaotic city like New York still allows sensitive animals like horses to be subjected to what can only be described as torture. But with the much-publicised deaths of three horses since 2006, the call for a ban on such carriages is getting stronger. And guess what? Even a documentary has been made to advertise the cause. Called Blinders, its trailer is on YouTube. It looks great and the cause is very noble so visit their website and add your voice to the movement to ban horse carriages in New York.

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