The Return of a Legend - Herschell Gordon Lewis

Recently my good friend Andy Lalino at 51st State Productions announced that he was going into business with a true legend - the exploitation director Herschell Gordon Lewis ("Blood Feast", "Two Thousand Maniacs!", "She Devils on Wheels", "The Wizard of Gore"... need I go on?). Mr Lalino was kind enough to include me on his press releases and below is the response to the HG Lewis/ 51st State Productions team-up, which will begin with a film entitled "Herschell Gordon Lewis's Grim Fairy Tales"...

Calum Waddell

We've experienced a tremendous reaction to the Grim Fairy Tales/Back in Blood press release sent out March 7th:
- Major horror-themed trade magazines, Fangoria and Rue Morgue, personally contacted us, with RM requesting an interview with H.G. Lewis.
- We have received inquiries from actors, crew people, and distributors. Correspondence is currently being reviewed.
- Hits on the Film State 51 website skyrocketed to over 2,000.
- Bloggers and "boardies" (message board fanatics) from all over the U.S. and the world have been writing with excitement about our projects.
- Fangoria.com, The Horror Channel, Creature-Corner and many other horror-themed websites have publicized the press release on their news pages.

H.G. Lewis is All the Rage: 2 new major studio remakes:
In addition to FS51's Back in Blood, other studios have been busily producing and releasing remakes of H.G. Lewis's films. Even more reason to begin production on our films!
- March 2006 is the release date for 2001 Maniacs, a sequel/remake of Lewis's famed horror film Two-Thousand Maniacs! on DVD. 2001 Maniacs stars Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street) and was produced by Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel).
- A remake of Lewis's 1970 horror hit The Wizard of Gore is in production starring Crispin Glover as Montag the Magnificent. Montag is the lead character in Back in Blood, and FS51 feels that Glover's film will garner us an untold amount of free publicity and will familiarize the general public with the character of Montag. We can't stress how important this development is.
Carnevil kicks off pre-production
What promises to be FS51's first horror feature - Carnevil - officially kicked-off pre-production in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend. Director/Producer/Screenwriter Andrew Allan, Producer Andy Lalino, Director of Photography Wes Pratt and Lighting Director Jeff Scolaro ventured to the site where Carnevil will be shot - a working carnival on the outskirts of the city, where the team scouted the area and shot some test footage. The weekend was a huge success as the crew prepares for production, which is slated for summer '06. Carnevil is a new feature horror film from FS51 about a cursed amusement park that seeks bloody revenge on its hellraising guests.

Grim... & Back in Blood mentioned in Fangoria magazine:
Hot off the presses! If you pick up the latest issue of Fangoria magazine (#253), the world's most popular horror trade magazine, and turn to page 20 you'll see both Grim Fairy Tales and Back in Blood listed as two H.G. Lewis features that are coming soon (look under the Terror Teletype section)! Filmmakers/FS51 partners Andrew Allan and Andy Lalino are also prominently mentioned.

For more info about FS51, please visit our official website:

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