Biopics: punks on the big screen

There's no stopping the flux of biopics arriving at the big screen, and punk or 'punky' characters seem to be all the  rage. You wonder if the niche is getting a little bit saturated, in fact the whole documentary genre. Earlier this year saw the release of Julian Temple's film on The Clash's Joe Strummer (pictured), called The Future is Unwritten (it's out on DVD already). There's a also a documentary called Gonzo about Hunter Thompson, who was notorious for his love of guns (IMDB mentions a December UK release for the film). There's also the upcoming Heavy Load, whose publicity description is worth reproducing:
Heavy Load is Lewes’ answer to the Ramones, a punk outfit subject to the inflammatory mix of ego, fantasy, and desire that fuels any emerging band. They’re also, uniquely, made up of musicians with and without learning disabilities, which makes the band’s survival a precarious negotiation between two different worlds: on the one hand the institutional timetable of day centres, work placements and social workers; on the other the chaotic slacker life of rehearsal rooms, studios and gigs.
If that's your idea of fun, Heavy Load is due out in the UK on 03/10.

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