New on Kamera: The Animals Film

Those who doubt the power of influence that cinema can exert should look no further than The Animals Film. The groundbreaking exposé of the cruelty involved in animal farming and other forms of humanity's tyrannical domination over most species on the planet is credited with turning thousands of people to vegetarianism when it first aired on Channel Four in November 1982. It celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and now the film has received a BFI release.
Kamera received kind permission from the BFI to reproduce an excerpt from the DVD booklet, written by Philip Windeatt, in which the researcher describes his visits to America's bleak factory farms.

Acclaim for The Animals Film is unanimous, including this glowing piece written by Ken Russell for the Times. And here, Julie Christie, the film's narrator, remembers the impact of this seminal documentary.

Trailer: The Animals Film

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