Film about Richard Serra at New York's Film Forum

Maria Anna Tappeiner's film about artworld's superstar Richard Serra, Richard Serra: Thinking On Your Feet, will be shown at New York's Film Forum on 02 September with an introduction by Jane Panetta.

"Richard Serra’S monumental steel sculptures are among the defining works of art of our time. Serra is wonder fully articulate, whether talking about his early paintings, Brancusi’s influence upon him, the historical context in which his work developed, or the public controversies and even hostility his art has engendered. He elucidates how “matter imposes form on form,” the unique qualities of steel, and how a space may move simultaneously in two directions — with a lexicon that includes gravitational vectors, open and closed volume, tectonics, conical sections and torquing elipses. An installation of several immensely heavy steel plates (40 tons each) at the Bilbao Museum highlights this elegant portrait of the art world’s man of steel."

Here you can listen to Ms Panetta talking about the film.

Serra also made video art in the 1970s and Television Deliveres People is one of his most famous pieces of electronic art.

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