Nome Próprio wins biggest Latin American film festival

Nome Próprio, a Brazilian film that transposes the complicated universe of the writer Clarah Averbuck to the big screen won the top prize at the Gramado Film Festival, the biggest Latin American festival in the world, which closed on Saturday.

Directed by Murillo Salles, Nome Próprio is about Camila, Averbruck's alter-ego, a young woman whose biggest passion is to write. She decides to turn her own life into a narrative worth writing about.

Critics have hailed the film as a welcome addition to the country's cinema because it avoids stereotypes by dealing with young people and their subjectivity. Sounds promising, especially after the horror show that recently came out of Brazil in the shape of Elite Squad, although the trailer resembles a kind of tired American indie fare that makes you wonder. But we shouldn't judge a film by its trailer, so ...

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Anonymous said...

sorry but Gramado hasn't been the biggest latin american film festival in years!!!