The Possibility of an Island: a cinematic shipwreck before it opens

The Possibility of an Island: desert-like entertainment

French author and controversialist Michel Houellebecq's debut effort has been met with severe criticism at the Locarno, Switzerland film festival, according to a Guardian film blog. "Critics at the Locarno film festival have given the author's directorial debut - an adaptation of one of his own novels - a resounding thumbs-down after the movie was savaged for its flat dialogue, confusing plot and unwelcome dose of sentimentality. There wasn't even, they cried, much sex", wrote the Guardian.

The trailer of the film goes give the impression that the whole business is a pretentious mess, with lots of sci-fi-ish babbling about immortality. However, I did like the film version of Houellebecq's Atomised, which mercifully he didn't direct himself. Sometimes delegating is good, you know...

The Possibility of an Island (La Possibilité d'une île) is released in France on 10 September.

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